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"Air is free."

Whoever coined that phrase never had to compress, exhaust, clean or otherwise put air to work.  Helping people make air work efficiently and economically has been Ruemelin's purpose since 1921.

We understand the importance people place on efficient use of air in the workplace and the impact this use can have on productivity levels, product quality and work environments, including employee safety, health and morale.  In short, we understand "the bottom line."

We also understand these factors are far from free.  Ruemelin knows how to help you reduce your costs in these areas, thus helping to improve your bottom line.

Quality and value are important to us.  We build them into everything we make and insist on them in every component we buy.  This philosophy has become a tradition for us, one that has earned for us a reputation for building rugged, reliable equipment that performs the task for which is was purchased.  Frankly we're proud of this reputation and are dedicated to not only preserving it, but building on it for years to come.

As your source for efficient high quality abrasive air blast equipment, Ruemelin offers both suction and direct pressure blast products.  Our suction blast guns are so efficient and powerful that many users not only experience higher production rates, but have used them in place of direct pressure blasters.  But if the job requires direct pressure blasters, we have that as well.  High quality ASME blast tanks with cone bottoms give uniform abrasive flow.  Ruemelin's wide variety of adjustable mixing valves are ruggedly built for years of service, and also feature replaceable parts for low cost maintenance.

Our abrasive handling equipment ranges from complete below-floor mechanical devices to pneumatic abrasive pickups.  This line-up has an efficient device that will allow you to spend more time blasting and less time shoveling.

Ruemelin produces the most rugged and complete line of source capture welding fume exhaust equipment.  And well it should, as we are generally credited with inventing point-of-source welding fume exhaust equipment.  Whether your needs are for a single unit or a multiple setup with a central fan, we can help you make better, more efficient use of your ventilation air.

Ruemelin dust filters have been a hallmark of the industry for many years.  Ruggedly built for years of excellent service, our filters use many features that we pioneered in the industry.  Our engineering and application practices have resulted in thousands of successful installations.

After you purchase a Ruemelin product, our working relationship has just begun.  Product support and service have high priority at Ruemelin, which is just one more reason for so many repeat orders from satisfied customers.

As you continue to review this website, one recurring theme should become evident.  We make equipment with built-in features such as quality, value and rugged reliability.  These are features that are not easily found in equipment today, but are necessary for tomorrow's profits.

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